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cleansing my first house

The first time I chased a spirit out of a house I was 16. I was sitting in my room watching TV when my mother walked in. She told me to get shoes on she needed help. We left and went over to a friend’s where I was told to walk the house and tell my mom what I felt. Lucky for me by this point in my life I had a good idea of what I was doing thanks to my mom. 
After walking the house and finding the spirit that I was looking for I went back and told my mother what I felt. She confirmed that that was correct and told me we had to remove it from the house. Never having done this before, I was more than a little scared. It took me about 10 minutes and more energy than I thought I had, but I drove that spirit out of the house. We built a wall of energy behind it to keep it out. Later I learned that the spirit had been scaring the grandchild of the women that owned the house. 
This was my first, but definitely not my last.



04/07/2017 1:19am

Sorry, but I don't believe in these paranormal things. It's my opinion.

05/21/2017 9:09pm

Your ability to chase a spirit out is way too incredible. How does it feel? What about the other times you have experienced this? What are the other spirits you have successfully driven out? I know you feel scared most of the time, but I just wonder if you ever felt amazed with your ability. Does this make you feel happy or not? Hopefully, you can share some of your other experiences with us. I will be very delighted to know these things from you.


Paranormal incident is exciting. This includes catching spirits and other entities, seeking portals to other dimensions and communicating with them. Others may find paranormal incidents scary, but people with an open third eye are used to it. However, communicating with the spirits comes with high pre-caution. It is because there may be some misunderstanding between both portals and may call other dark entities. Before engaging into these kind of activities, consult a paranormal expert first and know the basic rules in paranormal activities.

07/16/2017 6:34am

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