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cleansing my first house

The first time I chased a spirit out of a house I was 16. I was sitting in my room watching TV when my mother walked in. She told me to get shoes on she needed help. We left and went over to a friend’s where I was told to walk the house and tell my mom what I felt. Lucky for me by this point in my life I had a good idea of what I was doing thanks to my mom. 
After walking the house and finding the spirit that I was looking for I went back and told my mother what I felt. She confirmed that that was correct and told me we had to remove it from the house. Never having done this before, I was more than a little scared. It took me about 10 minutes and more energy than I thought I had, but I drove that spirit out of the house. We built a wall of energy behind it to keep it out. Later I learned that the spirit had been scaring the grandchild of the women that owned the house. 
This was my first, but definitely not my last.

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Here at Paranormal Inquest we like to tell stories. Throwback Thursday's will be dedicated to our cumulative past and will tell the stories of what helped to make us who we are.

my first aura

One afternoon when I was ten I had a terrible headache. I was sitting in my back yard on a beautiful Southern California spring day. It was breezy and bright and probably terrible for my headache but I didn't know any better. As the wind passed through the tall tree tops in our yard I saw something odd. A shimmer seemed to lift from the very leaves, like a heat haze on a hot day. There wasn't much heat that day and I had no other explanation for what I saw. 
I continued to watch the rippling haze, concentrating on it as hard as I could. My headache began to increase, my eyes hurt and I could feel the vein in my temple start to pound, I was clenching my teeth. I can remember never wanting something more than I wanted to know what was going on!
The longer I watched the more defined the haze became. As time wore on the haze took on color and shape. The haze had shifted from a clear ripple into a watery turquoise cloud tinged with yellow around the edge.
I have no idea how long I sat in the yard staring at a tree but by the time my headache finally chased me inside I was convinced I could see the very life of those trees. 
I can still see the aura of living things, be they trees, animals, or people. It was a hard won skill that is still sometimes difficult for me and has the ability to bring on massive headaches.
But sometimes..? Seeing the absolute purity of life in nature...completely worth it.

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Based in Southern California, we are a group of friends that conduct paranormal investigations in our free time.

Meeting for the first time in October of 2010 through a shared hobby of Geocaching, we have become much more than friends throughout the years. Sharing  trials and triumphs, secrets, stories, and laughter we have become family. 

It seemed natural when our mutual interest in the paranormal merged with our friendship. As stories flowed between us and our abilities and experiences became known, we also became a team. Now we investigate the paranormal using a variety of equipment and psychic techniques. 

We will be sharing our investigations here, including photos, stories and other relevant  information. We invite you to ask questions and leave your comments of  your own paranormal experiences. Investigation requests may be addressed to: